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Belts and Hoses

Because of their constant exposure to deteriorating elements like chemicals, extreme heat and vibration, belts and hoses have the shortest life span of all the equipment in your car. Belts and hoses can leak, crack, peel and fray, possibly causing even further damage to your vehicle if not immediately repaired or replaced. And simply looking at your belts and hoses isn’t enough to detect possible damage; it takes a professional to properly inspect and evaluate the true condition of your car’s belts and hoses. Here at Family Service Center in Snow Hill, Maryland, our experienced mechanics can perform a full inspection of your belts and hoses, looking for any indication that they may be damaged, including the presence of softening, peeling, cracking or glazing.

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Belts and hoses are key to the proper functioning of your vehicle, which is why it is important to have your belts and hoses inspected by an experienced mechanic on a regular basis. Our mechanics at Family Service Center are qualified to repair or replace the components that help the belts and hoses in your vehicle operate properly, including your power steering pump, radiator cooling fan, radiator hose, fuel hose and heater hose. By keeping these critical components in good shape, you can extend the life of your vehicle and ensure that it functions properly for years to come.

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While most people are careful to schedule regular oil changes, very few take the time to adequately inspect their vehicle’s belts and hoses. Remember – a damaged hose or belt has the potential to cause far more damage to your vehicle than an overdue oil change does. For your next belt and hose inspection, visit us at Family Service Center in Snow Hill, MD. Our professional and qualified mechanics use only the highest-quality parts to get your vehicle back in working order and on the road again. Request a free quote for a belt and hose inspection by giving us a call, or simply fill out the form to the right. We look forward to hearing from you!