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CV and Drive Axle

The axles on your vehicle are responsible for connecting two wheels together on opposite sides, maintaining the position of the wheels in relation to one another and to the body of the vehicle. The axle is a load-bearing assembly, charged with bearing the weight of your vehicle, any additional cargo, and the acceleration of forces between the car and the ground. The drive axle in particular is the axle that is driven by the engine, and this specific axle design can be found in many modern front-wheel-drive vehicles. Here at Family Service Center, our Snow Hill auto mechanics have extensive knowledge about the function of drive axles and their CV joints, how important these components are to the safe operation of your vehicle, and how to ensure your car’s CV joints and drive axles remain in working order for years and miles to come.

Common Issues With CV Joints and Drive Axles

A drive axle is made up of two half-axles, each of which is connected to the wheel by a constant velocity (CV) joint. The CV joint allows the wheels to move freely and allows the shaft to rotate, delivering power at a constant speed without a substantial increase in heat and friction. CV joints can last a long time, but, like any moving part of your vehicle, they need to be regularly maintained if they are going to perform properly. In some cases, the rubber boots covering the CV joints fail from age or are damaged by road debris, letting the joint’s grease out and letting water and dirt in. One of the easiest ways to spot a CV and drive axle problem is to slowly drive your vehicle in tight circles in a wide open space. If you hear a cracking or clicking noise as your vehicle turns, you have a worn CV and drive axle, and it needs to be repaired or replaced immediately.

Experienced Snow Hill Auto Mechanics

A failed CV joint or drive axle can cause serious damage to your vehicle and may even put your family’s safety at risk. Your best bet is to prevent your car from reaching this stage by scheduling regular maintenance with our experienced Snow Hill mechanics at Family Service Center. However, if you have noticed that tell-tale clicking or cracking sound as your vehicle rounds turns, you may already be in need of a new CV joint or drive axle. Fortunately, our professional and qualified auto mechanics at Family Service Center can diagnose your CV and drive axle problem, and repair or replace the damaged components so you can get your vehicle back on the road. Request a free quote for CV and drive axle service today – contact Family Service Center of Snow Hill, MD by phone or by filling out the form to the right. We look forward to hearing from you!