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There’s nothing worse than hopping in your car when you’re running late for work, only to discover that it won’t start. There are many electrical systems in your vehicle, including the ignition system, the charging system and the battery, all of which need to be in working order for your car to start and run properly. Unfortunately, if your car is having trouble starting, you may need a new car battery, and if your car is having trouble staying on, you may need to have your alternator repaired or replaced. Here at Family Service Center in Snow Hill, Maryland, our auto mechanics can diagnose and repair any and all of your electrical and battery problems. We can also educate you about what driving practices can help your battery last longer, and what gadgets and gizmos can be a drain on your car’s electrical system, ultimately extending the life of your vehicle.

Warning Signs of Electrical and Battery Problems

On average, your car battery will last three to five years. However, certain driving habits and exposure to extreme elements can significantly shorten the life of your car battery. Common problems you experience that may signal the need for electrical or battery service include the following:

  • A battery warning light illuminates on the dashboard
  • Nothing happens when you turn the key, or it just clicks
  • Your headlights get brighter when you accelerate
  • Your engine struggles to turn over
  • Your car misfires or idles rough
  • Your vehicle has lost power
  • Your car is hard to start or cranks too long before starting

Quality Electrical and Battery Service

Here at Family Service Center, we understand that maintaining the integrity of the battery and electrical system in your vehicle are what keeps it running smoothly, and our auto mechanics have been delivering quality service to car owners for more than 15 years. You can count on Family Service Center of Snow Hill, Maryland for all of your battery and electrical system needs – call us today or fill out the form to the right for a free electrical and battery repair quote.