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Shocks and Struts

While it may be hard for car owners to ignore problems with their engine or brakes, issues with a vehicle’s suspension – shocks and struts – may be slightly more difficult to notice. It is important though, that suspension problems are fixed immediately, as shock and strut issues that are not addressed can lead to disastrous problems affecting your vehicle’s brakes, its steering system, and the tires and axles. Here at Family Service Center, we can perform regular vehicle maintenance to prevent problems with your struts and shock absorbers, or perform shock and strut services when they are required. With the help of our quality auto mechanics, car owners can immediately repair shock and strut problems and protect their vehicles from further damage.

Common Shock and Strut Problems

Some common problems that may signal the need for shock and strut service include the following:

  • Uneven wear on the tires on one side of your car compared to the other
  • Having to turn the steering wheel to one side in order to drive the car straight
  • The car seems to pull to one side on its own
  • Lack of cushion when you drive over dips or bumps in the road

Get a Smooth Ride With the Help of Our Mechanics

If you are experiencing any of these problems with your vehicle, you may be in need of new shocks or struts. Here at Family Service Center in Snow Hill, Maryland, our experienced mechanics can perform a diagnostic test to determine what is causing your car’s issues, and then replace the shocks and struts if need be. Our garage is located in Snow Hill, MD, and our mechanics perform shock and strut services that include replacement of shock absorbers and struts, service and lubrication of the components of your vehicle’s suspension, replacement of strut bushings, and repair of strut linkage. Maintaining the integrity of your shocks and struts can help keep your car on the road for years longer; contact Family Service Center by phone or the form to the right for all of your shock and strut service needs.